About Us

Global Trade Holding Pty Ltd is an Australian integrated financial services company with diversified products and services. The company provides many business services, such as foreign exchange, insurance, mortgage, and fund management. Our company’s headquarter is based in Sydney and there are many branch offices in the main cities through Australia. Our company is actively exploiting market between China and Australia, involving in industries like real estate fund, mineral resources and agriculture. We have developed close contact and partnership with major banks, law firms and real estate developers in Australia and are providing the best investment products and comprehensive investment services for high-net-worth groups and investors from both Chinese and Australian institutes.

The investment advisors in Global Trade Holding are fully qualified with years with years of practical experience and theoretical knowledge to carry out exhaustive prediction analysis, anti-risk stress testing and investment opportunities and value cost estimation according to the individual investment project. They could offer professional opinions and suggestions on the asset allocation plan for every investor. Global Trade Holding has developed “one-stop” financial service based on the financial liberalization operation. We look after clients’ economic values and offer the best customized financial plan for every client in the businesses of swap, insurance, credit loan and fund.

Global Trade Holding has fully accumulated diversified international experience and established a highly professional team with diverse community backgrounds from the East to the West. “Global Vision, Local Practice”. We’ve gained profound understanding of finance, real estate, economy and relevant policies in China and Australia, which has laid a solid foundation for the finance, investment and capital operation between the two countries. Global Trade Holding is holding the philosophy of “Precise, Honest and Professional”, keeps innovating and enhancing the market and strives to avoid high risks and realize holistic maneuverability. We are on the path to leading the non-banking financial institutes in Australia and try our best to maximize the returns for our-investors.

Corporate Vision

  • Become a leading role among the financial institutes in Australia
  • Establish a stable bridge for the financial communication between China and Australia

Business philosophy:

  • Innovative and precise
  • Professional and efficient
  • Honest and steady
  • Cultural diversification