Beauty index The US dollar index hit a 62-point overnight and closed up 0.09%. According to data released by the US Department of Commerce, US retail sales rebounded sharply in October due to the surge in sales of vehicles and construction materials, recording a good growth of 0.8%. Reuters analysis believes that this may be driven by the reconstruction of the area hit by Hurricane "Florence". Fed Bosque: I don't think we are too far away from neutral policy; if we see signs of overheating, we are ready to become more radical; we should be cautious about raising interest rates; potential risks coupled with the unstable outcome of the global trade situation, In general, global economic growth appears to be slowing; QE may be one of the tools the Fed faces for the next crisis. During Bosque’s speech, the US dollar index fell below the 97 mark.

The pound shocked 307 points overnight and closed down 1.68%. The former British Minister of Brexit Affairs, Rab, announced his resignation through Twitter, saying that "the conditions for the Brexit Agreement are not supported by my conscience." In addition, there are other former work and pension ministers, McVeigh, and former Brexit. Minister of Primary Education Brabman announced his resignation. Overnight, the UK 5-year and 10-year Treasury yields were the biggest declines since the Brexit referendum on June 27, 2016. The implied volatility of the pound in a month jumped to a new high in more than two years. Mizuho Bank: After the resignation of Brexit, the UK's Brexit, the GBP/USD may fall to 1.25. According to a poll conducted by British Sky News, 54% of respondents oppose Brexit and hope to resume the referendum. According to the survey, 32% of respondents hope that the UK has no agreement to leave the EU, while only 14% agree that the UK will leave the EU under the current agreement reached by the government.

The euro surged 92 points overnight and closed up 0.11%. The euro zone's September traded trade account recorded a trade surplus of 13.4 billion euros, worse than expected and the previous value. After the release of the data, the euro fell in a short-term, expanding the intraday decline. Italian Deputy Prime Minister Dimayo: The Italian government will avoid excessive EU procedures; Italian Finance Minister Tria: Germany's GDP growth may have an impact on the Italian economy; the EU seems unable to take measures against economic downturn. Italian Prime Minister Conte: Will ask the European Commission President Juncker not to initiate the excess deficit program. It is reported that if the EU initiates an unprecedented fine procedure, it is expected to amount to billions of euros, accounting for 0.2% of Italy's gross domestic product (GDP).

Article from AETOS