The US Dollar
The US dollar index hit 77 points overnight and closed up 0.02%. Yesterday, New York Fed President Williams, who has the permanent voting rights of the FOMC, pointed out in his speech at the G30 meeting that the US economy is generally in a good position, with strong economic performance and will continue to grow strongly. A large number of indicators indicate that the labor market is quite strong and healthy; it is expected that the gradual rate hike will continue in the future, and it is reiterated that decisions will be made based on the data. The three major US stock indexes fell, the Dow fell nearly 800 points or 3.1%, the Nasdaq fell 3.8%, and the S&P closed down 3.2%. On December 5th, the national mourning day for former US President George W. Bush, Fed Chairman Powell was scheduled to cancel the Congressional hearing on Wednesday; the US ADP employment in November was postponed until 21:15 Beijing time on Thursday.

The Euro
The euro surged 98 points overnight, closing down 0.10%. The biggest protest in France in 50 years due to the increase in fuel tax. Some analysts said that at least 80 banks and the food industry worth 13.5 billion euros will be hit in this campaign. French Prime Minister Philippe announced on the 4th that he suspends the three measures such as raising the fuel tax, but some opposition parties and environmentalists said that the government's measures are not in place, saying that the "yellow vest" campaign will continue. French Institute of Public Opinion (Ifop): The poll showed that French President Mark Long’s support rate fell by 6 basis points to 23%, the lowest support rate since the election. Italian Finance Minister Tria: The issue of pension reform remains one of the government's top priorities, and there is no doubt that there is not much time left to reach an agreement with the EU to seek an agreement on the 2019 budget.

The Pound
The pound volatility reached 179 points overnight, closing down 0.05%. The EU Supreme Court Public Lawyer: It is recommended that the United Kingdom unilaterally withdraw the Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. It is reported that if the United Kingdom unilaterally withdraws the Brexit decision, it will pave the way for a second referendum in the UK, which may eventually prevent the Brexit. After the news was released, the pound plunged. British Government Spokesperson: The British government's position is that it will not withdraw Lisbon's Article 50; the Cabinet did not discuss "Plan B" after the demise of the Brexit Agreement. Yesterday, for the first time in the history of the British Parliament, the current government voted to despise the parliament, and the pound hit a one-and-a-half-year low. After the parliament voted, once the veto agreement with the demise of May, the parliament has the right to vote on other options. The commentary believes that the probability of a hard Brexit decline and the pound is rebounding.

Article from AETOS