The heads of state of China and the United States held a historic dinner meeting.During the two-and-a-half-hour meeting, the two sides reached a consensus:

China and the US dollar reached a consensus to stop adding new tariffs

The two sides decided to stop the trade restrictions such as upgrading tariffs, including not raising the existing tariff rate for each other, and not introducing new tariff-adding measures for other commodities.

The statement issued by the US is also very clear:
1. The Sino-US trade war will no longer be upgraded, and the two sides will no longer impose new tariffs;
2. All tariffs imposed this year may be cancelled.
This is a very positive and significant development, although there are still no new twists and turns.The trade war that lasted for half a year has continued, and the climax has been stirred up and thrilled. Now it has finally come to a paragraph!

So, where is the mystery?There are three main reasons.
First, the Sino-US trade war has reached its limit. When it is hit, it will hit the low-end manufacturing that the United States cannot start in a short period of time. That has no benefit to the United States. The trade war launched by the United States is mainly divided into two stages:The first stage: Regardless of whether it is an ally or a competitor of the United States, the United States treats all  parties equally and imposes comprehensive tariffs.Why is the United States not giving in to the Aluminium and Iron Tariffs? Because aluminum and iron are very important, the aircraft is mainly aluminum, warships, cannons, tanks, etc. are mainly iron!The second stage: a selective tariff based on whether it is an ally of the United States.

Second, Wall Street’s amnesty exerted collective pressure on Trump, and Trump had to stop the trade war with China.
The top ten consortia in the United States control Wall Street, while Wall Street controls the US financial industry (all major US banks are among the top ten consortia of the United States), and the Fed serves Wall Street, but Wall Street is not just about finance, but also Being an entity, but the financial industry is mainly distributed in the United States, and the entities are mainly distributed in other countries in the world.
The Sino-US trade war has hit this level, and the interests of Wall Street and China have been highly consistent, so Wall Street has put pressure on the US government.Why should Wall Street put pressure on Trump?The reason is very simple: because Wall Street has many companies in China,  the trade war affects their interests.

The third reason is the deeper reason: Trump needs the Fed's cooperation, adopts a low-interest monetary policy and a world trade war to develop the manufacturing industry; American capital also needs Trump's trade war to protect its own interests .  The US government’s cessation of trade war with China does not mean stopping the trade war with the world. On the contrary, the trade war between the United States and the world may be strengthened, but the object has changed. The Fed agreed to cooperate with the US government to suspend the rate hike. In line with the US government's trade war,  the development of the US domestic manufacturing industry, but this trade war must be in line with the interests of US capital.