Global Trade Funding

Global Trade Holding Pty Ltd is an authorized representative (Representative number 1303701) of Global Capital Management Ltd (AFSL 233189).

The fund services which belong to Global Trade Holding Pty Ltd have been focused on providing a full range of wealth management in Australia. Our company is dedicated in providing safe, highly profitable and customized fund investments for high-net worth investors. We are committed to provide high-quality fund investment products low risk, high income and convenient trading to our customers. Our company continuously provides comprehensive wealth management solutions, and many projects have been spread across in Australia.

Global Trade Holding is dedicated to provide safe, highly profitable and customized fund investments for investors with high net worth. Global Trade Holding has established "4P" principles based on customers’ demands since its inception.

  • People, namely, talents. The company introduced all kinds of talents in Australia and China, and established an excellent fix income investment team with stable style, integrity, professionalism, innovation and enterprising, and solidarity and cooperation. Our professional fund managers are responsible for raising funds, managing projects, constantly enriching and improving fund products so as to maximize benefits and reduce risks for investors.
  • Performance. The company continuously strengthens its abilities in investment management, risk control and operational support. In the past few years, Global Trade Investment has recommended the long-term value-added products suitable for the customers.
  • Process, namely, investment process. When choosing products for customers, the team of the company not only prudently makes decisions on purchasing fund, but also examines the consistency of the style and strategy of the fund and the construction method of portfolio. Meantime, the operation of fund is in strict accordance with laws and regulations.
  • Philosophy, namely-investment philosophy. In order to meet the demands of investors, Global Trade Investment continuously enriches product design. Our professional fund managers are responsible for fund raising and project management so as to maximize the returns and returns of investors.

Global Trade Holding Pty Ltd, adheres to the principle of “rigorous attitude and investment risk minimization” and the philosophy of “prudent operation and standardized operation”, and aims to avoid risks for customers and select the optimal fund products for people with high net worth.

Currently, our fund service includes:

  • Real estate development fund
  • Mineral investment fund
  • Custom account fund
  • Farm development investment fund

Global Trade Holding Pty Ltd has been deeply aware of the importance of asset allocation. In accordance with the wealth belief of realizing “wealth inheritance, honor exclusive” for customers with high net worth and the service philosophy of “mutual benefit and win-win result”, we provides the high-end wealth management, family funds and offshore asset allocation services.

We also value our customer and always identify in what they need. Hence, the company is dedicated to provide comprehensive asset allocation, customized wealth management and high-end value-added services, and committed to creating excellent all-round one-stop wealth management solutions and realizing the inheritance of glory and wealth.

Disclosure: No advice or product will be offered by Global Trade Holding Pty Ltd. Customer should make enquiries with Global Capital Management Ltd (AFSL 233189 for product information including PDS, FSGS and suitability. All materials contained in this website are for marketing purposes only, and should not be relied on by the customer.

Global Trade holding Pty Ltd representative number 549176, representing Global Capital Management Ltd (AFSL 233189).