Global Trade Funding

Global Trade Holding Pty Ltd is an authorized representative (Representative number 1303701) of Global Capital Management Ltd (AFSL 233189).

The fund business of Global Holdings is a customized fund designed to meet the needs of investors for the safety and value preservation of large amounts of funds, as well as stable and high returns. The fund is committed to allocating underlying assets with long-term value preservation and appreciation potential, and through strategies such as selecting investment targets, strictly controlling project risks, and locking in investment returns, the fund is built into a fund that allows investors to have financial peace of mind and long-term investment.

The investment philosophy of Global Fund is the 4P principle: people-oriented, performance first, focusing on process control, and adhering to the correct investment philosophy.

  • People, respect the outstanding talents in various industries in the team and value cooperation and division. With integrity and dedication, innovation and enterprising, unity and cooperation as the corporate culture, we have established a cross-department, comprehensive fund team covering fund raising, project management, risk management and customer service, etc., to ensure that the products and services of Global Funds can continue to enrichment and growth protect the long-term interests of investors.
  • Performance, by putting the needs of investors first, the company continues to hone its capabilities in practice: its ability to select investment projects, process management capabilities, and risk control capabilities, thereby achieving and exceeding investment performance expectations. With down-to-earth execution and the ability to do what one says, we have achieved the goal of long-term asset preservation and appreciation for many clients.
  • Process, starting from understanding the customer's financial goals, to accurately positioning investment projects, setting investment plans based on the individual needs, and then to a series of strict program management such as investment process management, risk control, and information feedback. This is the most reliable investment protection provided by Global Funds to investors.
  • Philosophy, one cannot stand without faith. Global Funds firmly believes that the investment philosophy of honesty, long-term stability and financial security is the cornerstone of the belief to ensure the common interests of enterprises, employees and customers. Global Fund people uphold this concept and continue to practice it. While bringing benefits to investors, they also give back this integrity and integrity to the society and benefit the public.

Global Real Estate Development Fund:

Global Real Estate Development Fund is an Australian real estate development fund tailored for high-end investment customers, family trusts and overseas high-net-worth individuals. Adhering to the concept of "value investment, wealth inheritance", on the one hand, we help customers avoid spending a lot of time on a series of time consuming works, such as selecting real estate projects, engineering survey and design, construction, progress tracking, budget management, construction quality review, government approval and sales, etc. At the same time, we provide a full range of asset allocation services based on customers' needs for self-occupation, investment, financial management income, and immigration.

Real estate projects currently under construction include 157 Princes Street Putney, a high-end waterside villa area, etc.

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Global Trade holding Pty Ltd representative number 549176, representing Global Capital Management Ltd (AFSL 233189).