Insurance Specialist Recruitment

About us

Global Trade Holding Pty Ltd is an Australian integrated financial services company with diversified products and services. The company provides many business services, such as foreign exchange, insurance, mortgage, and fund management. Our company’s headquarter is based in Sydney and there are many branch offices in the main cities through Australia. Our company is actively exploiting market between China and Australia, involving in industries like real estate fund, mineral resources and agriculture. We have developed close contact and partnership with major banks, law firms and real estate developers in Australia and are providing the best investment products and comprehensive investment services for high-net-worth groups and investors from both Chinese and Australian institutes.

Main responsibilities

  • Responsible for selling insurance products on behalf of insurance companies, assisting insurance companies in the investigation and settlement of claims;
  • To educate consumers about insurance, explain insurance terms, comment on products and analyze personal financial needs;
  • Design insurance plans for consumers and develop insurance plans;
  • Assist clients in selecting the superior product of insurance company;
  • Assist the customer to handle the relevant insurance formalities (signing the policy, delivering the policy, maintaining the policy and charging the premium);
  • According to the needs of customers, provide high-quality after-sales service;
  • Regularly visit past clients and maintain potential customers;
  • After the insured applicant, assist the insurance company to make claims.

Job Requirements

  1. Wealth of insurance-related business experience and knowledge;
  2. Relevant university degree, with related service certificate;
  3. Excellent communication skills, with good interpersonal skills;
  4. The sense of team work spirit, willing to contribute to the company.

Please note the following instructions when responding

Detail your relevant experienced skills in a cover letter and include this with an up-to-date resume;

Detail your availability for an interview and earliest start date for this role.

If you would like to be considered for the above opportunity, please email a resume and cover letter to: