Our Culture

Business Philosophy

Global Trade Holding keeps its leading role in the industry with “global-oriented and diversity-oriented” philosophy. The corporate values and the employees’ recognition are the core of this innovative century-old company. We lay our vision on the commitment to leading the industry and providing the most competent financial management services prioritized by the clients. We endeavour to accumulate wealth together with the clients and grow in step with the society.

Core Values

Strictness and Carefulness

Every employee in Global Trade Holding prioritizes the needs of clients and strive to satiate the needs in all the time. Global Trade Holding keeps challenging and reshaping ourselves to realize adaptation and growth. Everyone in Global Trade Holding strongly agrees with our core values and perceive their own values to contribute their parts to realizing the goals of the company. We are fully aware of our roles in our jobs with an emphasis on the holistic situation and resource integration and keep improving our qualities to realize the strategic goals of the company.

Honest and Cooperation

Honesty is the core of ethnical norms and the foundation for all behaviours, remaining as the core value of Global Trade Holding. It is the commitment to being honest, keeping promises and complying with the rules that holds the company as one. Internally, employees spontaneously love their jobs, which maintains the vitality of the company; externally, honesty could bring tangible, important resources for the company and also remains as a guarantee for the company’s sustainable development. We support and cooperate with each other and share knowledge, information and technology; we insist on the win-win strategies to address conflicts; we share responsibilities and achievements together; and we actively participate in the projects with clear team goals.

Excellence pursuing

We insist on the “three Spirits”, creativity – keep on market researches and new product development; create – keep exploring clients’ potential needs; innovation – keep on the system innovation, management innovation and technological innovation. We commit to establish a top-level Chinese financial service platform in Australia to constantly creating values for our clients.


We appreciate and encourage teamworking spirit. We value different opinions from all team members and enjoy stimulating employees’ potentials so that every member could be really engage in the team work, allowing a reasonable allocation of their intelligence, power, experience and other resources, to create values for clients and realize the values of both themselves and our corporatatione.

Company Prospects

Global Trade Holding is committed in developing new business and helping clients to accumulate wealth through our experienced team and honest spirit. “Culture on the Wall, Faith in the Heart.” All employees are taking actions to embody the corporate spirit and everyone is immersed in the corporate culture and spirit to guide their actions. We keep improving our strengths, enhancing the attractiveness and forming the cohesiveness to “walk together and build the future”!