The project is located at 157 Princess Street Putney, a traditional high-end residential area on the north shore of PARRAMATTA RIVER. It has a quiet and peaceful living environment by the water, a safe and comfortable community atmosphere, and various supporting resources in the surrounding area:

adjacent to RHODES, TOP RYDE business district, Olympic Park and Concord Hospital; close to school districts such as Denistone, Eastwood, Epping and Macquarie. It is also close to the Chinese shopping areas of Eastwood and Burwood, and is about 14 kilometers away from Sydney CBD.

The project designs and develops townhouses, which are of the same standard as the high-end villas in the East District. They have three floors with a garage, a living room with a ceiling, double-layer floor-to-ceiling windows, and a transparent space; four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a swimming pool and an outdoor viewing platform, with complete functions. Luxurious and elegant.

Address 157 Princess Street, Putney, NSW 2112
Developer Global Trade Holdings Group
Contractor AG Projects
Unit type Townhouses
Total number of townhouses 2 buildings, 4 units in total
Parking spaces Each household has a garage
Land area 1640 square meters
Project status Under construction

If you are interested, please contact us: info@gtrading.com.au