Wealth Management

As the strategy of Asia-pacific economic integration has been continuously advanced, China-Australia free trade zone has been established to prompt opening, cooperating and prosperity. In recent years, more and more people immigrate to Australia, and Chinese market becomes a vital role in Australia. Chinese people with high net worth continuously look for new investment opportunities, and they have set foot in real estate, finance insurance, industrial and mining enterprises, bulk trade import and export, banking, telecommunications and supermarkets in Australia. Their cumulative capital is up to hundreds of billions of Australian dollars. The Chinese market in Australia has become a considerable element.

Global Trade Holding Pty Ltd is committed to create a platform for promoting China-Australia cultural exchanges, providing the most professional and efficient opportunities for China-Australia cultural exchanges, and offering professional, convenient services to Chinese people with high net worth.

The introduction of projects:

China-Australia delegation project is a professional platform which is customized for high-end customers. We will provide the best choice in the aspect of customer visa and travel arrangement. The business research mission project launched by the elite club of entrepreneurs that design to investigate and make plan for the client those are live in Australia. The business investigation will be conducted from Australia agriculture, mineral resources, funds and other investment environment. Investment consultants of Global Trade Holding will analyze the culture, politics and investment trend in Australia, and build a valuable communication and exchange platform for entrepreneurs from China and Australia.

Global Trade Holding is dedicated to help the Chinese and Australian firms to find opportunities for trade, to provide a full range of business consulting services, to assist the development of Chinese and Australian market, and to provide the best quality platform and one-stop communication services for Chinese enterprises who are interested in Australia business sector.


Aims of business tour

  • To fully understand Australia's history, culture, economy and industrial structure.
  • To understand the laws and regulations, tax policy, and financial levers of Australian investment environment.
  • To explore the investment opportunities of Australian housing industry and the rule of financial capital markets.
  • To have a face-to-face conversation with prominent Australian economists, well-known entrepreneurs, and government officials.
  • To seek potential foreign investment opportunities and cooperation.

Through this trip, Global Trade Holding hope to bring more opportunities and enlightenment to our members. At the same time, Australia, with its fantastic diversity, will not only make high-net individuals enjoy the high-level services but also display its "different" images.

The wealth management club in Global Trade Holding Pty Ltd integrates high quality resources, advocates communication and sharing. We will prompt the wealth heritance and achieve the idea of “mutual win in wealth” by seeking high-quality investment from insurance, credit, funds and other fields!