Why Choose Us

Global Trade Holding has senior team members, including accountants、 credit experts、 investment experts、immigration experts、financial experts, etc., to provide the professional development strategy, investment analysis, wealth management and immigration advisory services to provide customers with one stop financial-management plans for or customers.

The business operation scope of Global Trade Holding covers global remittance, global fund, global credit and global insurance. The diversification of products provide high net-worth groups with a giant and diversified financial platform.


A major feature of Global Trade Holding is diversification of investment areas as well as financial products. We have partnership with number of well-known financial institution to configure worldwide financial products to individual customers need. We also provide professional wealth management services for our clients.


Global Trade Holding tailor customers for their own financial solution, give full consideration of risk preference, their affordability, financial situation, family structure, age, health status and other personalized factors based on the unique financial needs of each customer, explain investment account, and give feedback of portfolio operation to customers on a regular basis, which truly embody the concept of “wealth housekeeper”.


Moreover, our company always review investment accounts, and give feedback of portfolio operation to customers on a regular basis, which truly embodies the concept of “wealth housekeeper”.

Our Advantage

Global Trade Holding relies on senior management team and advanced management concepts, thus, we gained trust customers and the good reputation in Australia. We always persist in the formation of the most professional, sound, convenient and rapid financial platform for sake of clients. In fact, complicated and changeable financial market environment, Global Trade Holding Group characterized by the globalization of investment fields, diversification of financial products and professionalization of platform services. Our strong sense of identification with clients projects mean in unique way and professional wealth management services by virtue of acute market awareness and optimal group marketing strategies.

We are creating more wealth every day.

Global Trade Group is your best choice.